Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Danbury Art Exhibition 2017

I will be exhibiting some of these paintings at the Danbury 2017 exhibition being held on Friday25th, Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th of August in the Danbury Sports and Social Centre,

Framed Paintings

Mersea Island Causeway at Sunrise

That one tomorrow

Five Pears

Danbury, Essex


Autumn Comes
Brazilian Beach Meal
Winter Dawn on the Common

Shed Banger

It Takes Two

Grapes and Glass

Walberswick Beach, Suffolk
Osea Island from Heybridge, Essex

Dawn over the River Yare, Norfolk

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Recent Paintings

Autumn Comes

That one Tomorrow
Southwold Boatsheds

Summer Blooms

Crete Monastery Cat
River Reflections
Snow Snogging - Sold

Griffin Spanish Challenge

Mersea Causeway, Essex - Sold
Fruit - Sold

Caribbean Beach Meal
Come on in

Late Summer Fields

Five Pears

Autumn Comes

Essex Fields  - Sold

Essex Lane

Essex Summer Fields - Sold

Punch and Judy


Brazilian Challenge
Griffin Art Group

Essex Summer Fields - Sold

It takes two

Barge on the Blackwater - Sold
Horsey Mere, Norfolk - Sold

Suffolk Summer Crops

Garden Shed Ink
4 Pears

Shed Banger

One to Take - Sold


Berney Arms Mill, Norfolk - Sold

Trees in the style of William Newton

Cherries - Sold

Dawn on the River Yare, Norfolk - Sold
Glasses and Wine - Sold
Autumn Walk - Sold

Hi - Sold

Walberswick Beach, Suffolk